Safe Co-Sleeping with the CoZee Breeze Co-Sleeping Bassinet

There are so many reasons why parents choose to co-sleeping with their baby. Getting in and out of bed to feed and settle a newborn adds to the exhaustion new parents feel. With baby in arm’s reach, they minimise their sleep disruption in even the smallest way.

Safe co-sleeping is about creating the right environment for your baby to sleep safely. By following some simple guidelines and using the right products, like a CoZee Breeze Co-Sleeping Bassinet, co-sleeping is safe.

Learn more about how to co-sleep with your newborn safely, including important considerations, safe co-sleeping products and helpful tips.

What is co-sleeping?

Traditionally, co-sleeping means sharing a bed with your baby. The baby and parents share the same mattress or sleep surface. While this is very common, experts such as Red Nose recommend that babies have their own sleep surface. Sharing a mattress with your baby can introduce many risk factors that wouldn’t be otherwise present if your baby was sleeping in their own cot or bassinet.

Having said that, co-sleeping can be beneficial for both parents and babies. It not only makes night time feeding and settling easier, you can also get a better night sleep, knowing that your baby is close by. This may also help to foster a sense of security and attachment for the baby. 

There are safe co-sleeping methods.  A safe co-sleeping bassinet gives you the best of both worlds. The bassinet can securely attach to your bed keeping your baby within arm’s reach. But your baby also has their own sleep surface away from the bed.

You can wake up to feed during the night without needing to get out of bed. And then when you’ve finished feeding, you can lie your baby back down in their bassinet. With your baby close, you can sleep more easily and minimise the impact on your already disrupted sleep.

How co-sleeping bassinets work

The CoZee Breeze Plus Co-Sleeping Bassinet comes with rocking legs. These can be added to the base of the bassinet so you can easily rock your baby to sleep. Both CoZee Breeze Plus Co-Sleeping Bassinet models feature breathable mesh sides for airflow. The transparent mesh allows you to easily monitor your baby through the night. Both models fold down in 30 seconds and come with a convenient travel bag, replacing the need for a port-a-cot in the newborn months.

As with any bassinet, once your baby starts rolling or outgrows the bassinet, it’s time to move them to a cot. As a guide, this will usually happen at around five months of age but all babies are different so this may happen sooner or later.

Always follow safe sleep recommendations

No matter where you put your baby to sleep, it’s crucial that you always follow safe sleep recommendations. These recommendations were developed based on research into sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and how to prevent it. 

Babies should always be placed on their back to sleep with nothing covering their head and face. They should be in a smoke-free environment and always sleep in a safe space for every sleep, day and night. Ideally, babies should share a room – but not a sleep surface – with their parents or caregivers for the first six months. The recommendations also suggest breastfeeding babies, if possible. 

Sleep soundly with CoZee

Our range of co-sleeping bed bassinets were designed with modern parents in mind. If you choose the CoZee Breeze Plus, you have all the features you need for safe co-sleeping. Much like our nursery chairs and nursery furniture, the bassinets also suit a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic so you don’t need to compromise on style.

Explore the CoZee range and sleep soundly with your baby safely within arm’s reach.