Looking after your iL Tutto furniture will not only maintain the appearance of your beautiful piece but also extend its life. Il Tutto’s every growing range is made with high quality premium fabric that is exclusive to us. 

With a newborn, common and accidental stains are inevitable. We have put together some short videos with our best tips & trick to clean those inevitable messes. You can watch them here.

General care instructions: 

  • Do not expose your nursery chair to direct sunlight. When your chair sits in direct light it may fade the material colour over time,
  • Avoid using abrasive detergents or powders, however a small amount of mild detergent and vinegar, mixed with a lot of water can be used in a spray bottle, avoid spraying too close to the fabric. We recommend that you try dusting with a clean, lint free, cloth initially as usually a wet cloth should do the trick.
  • Make sure not to place household heating appliances or hot objects directly on any furniture surface,
  • Do not place your furniture near a heater, or other house appliances,
  • When you’re moving your furniture, please make sure to lift, do not drag your nursing chairs. This will keep your floor safe, protect your back and keep your iL Tutto piece in its premium quality,
  • If your iL Tutto nursing chair requires any assembly, make sure to follow the instruction sheet that will come inside your iL Tutto nursing chair box.  

Fabric  care instructions (nursing chair range): 

  • The use of stain guard every 2 – 3 years for protection from wear and tear, spillages, and other messes is suggested. You can either get someone to visit your home to professionally spray your chair, or simply buy a spray can from your local supermarket and re-apply yourself. Please ensure no one is in the house, including pets, when you do, properly cover your face and hands and ideally, leave the chair for 24 hours to properly soak up and dry before using,
  • Vacuum your chair regularly to remove the build-up of surface dust,
  • Clean up surface stains as soon as possible, being careful not to rub stain into fabric, you can watch our video on removing stains here, the secret ingredient to wash away stronger stains is a dollop of dishwashing detergent and vinegar mixed with water in a spray bottle.
  • Do not over wet fabric and allow to dry naturally between repeated spot cleaning procedures,
  • Do not machine wash your Chairs fabric,
  • Do not use bleach or other harsh chemicals on your Chair fabric.

    Bouclé Fabric

    Luckily, our Bouclé isn’t just beautiful to look at, it’s also very simple to care for! Once you have stain guarded your fabric, you simply will need to vacuum the fabric regularly to remove any dust particles.

    If accidents happen, blot spills immediately and gently with a clean white cloth. Make sure not to rub the spill.

    Treating your il Tutto items from pilling: 

    Firstly, what is pilling? For those who don’t know,  Pilling is a characteristic of some fabrics. Commonly it presents as balling or matting of fabric fibres on the surface of your fabric sofa. Not to worry, this is simple to remove. De-pilling should form part of your regular an ongoing nursery chair maintenance.

    We love creating furniture that will last through the years in your home. If you require any further assistance in taking care of your Il Tutto furniture please contact us.