How to choose the right Nursery Chair

If you’re starting to look for the perfect nursing piece, chances are you have a Pinterest board or a head full of nursery inspiration. You know what pieces you’re wanting and the style you’re going for in your home.

Here at IL Tutto, we understand the importance of finding the perfect piece, so we have made sure to not only offer a wide range of nursing chair styles, but also have many premium fabrics, styles, colours, and high-end materials so no matter your preference, you’ll find the perfect piece for your home.

Our high quality, stylish & comfortable nursery furniture range is designed by our owner, designer & mother of two, who understands the importance of feeding a baby on a comfortable chair.

Although this is such an exciting and fun time, it sure can be overwhelming. We have broken down the process of finding the perfect piece because while colour is important, other factors are equally important, like the fabric comfort, style, quality, and durability.

Everything is considered with each style in our growing range, from posture to safety and longevity and ensuring your baby is in the right position for feeding, this includes (but not limited to);

  • Height of the backrest
  • Supporting cushion & depth of the seat to help when standing with bubs
  • The armrest at the right height to support your body while feeding
  • Good quality, durable and easy to clean fabric for baby mess & spillages
  • 360 degree swivel to free up your moment when feeding
  • Smooth gliding base so you and your bubs are able to enjoy time in your nursing chair together

1. Choose your comfort,

You’ll be spending a lot of time nursing and cuddling your baby and/or toddler on your nursery chair (our chairs last long past the new born phase). It’s so important to choose a chair that’s comfortable, that will support you, your back, your legs and most importantly, your baby during some really tiring time (those midnight feeds are made a little easier in the right nursing chair).

2. Find your Style,

The style you choose should be consistent with the style of your house. For example, a traditional fabric is a go-to choice for a traditional-styling house. Although if you have an adventurous sense of style and have an eye for the eclectic look (ps jealous!) to merge two seemingly different styles, then go for it. We have a huge range to cover all bases from the traditional style of the Olivia Rocking Chair, the plush fashionable and growing Billie range, the natural Chelsea to the chic Lulu in Vanilla Bouclé, there are loads here to play with when creating your mood board before your purchase. 

The colour of fabric is often the first choice you make when buying furniture, and it has a significant impact on your nursery décor.

Make sure your colour choice is one you can live with happily for a long time. It might be best to avoid a very bold colour for a smaller room, as your nursing chair will be a focal point. Neutral colours are generally the safest options since they tend to satisfy over time and will be able to change rooms seamlessly when needed.

3. Choose your fabric,

For versatility and longevity, we source the most durable fabric that will last the test of time.

Synthetic fibres have evolved incredibility since the 70’s, gone are the days when they are referred to the cheap and sweaty option. Don’t get us wrong, you can still find cheaper and nasty options still on the market (kids dress-up costumes anyone?!) but you can also find premium fibres that most reputable brands are using in the UK and selling couches for over $15k! Synthetic fibres are a better choice for furniture that sits in areas of heavy usage and young children. If you have pets, choose fabrics that do not have loose weaves or too much texture.

4. Quality & Durability,

We know you’re looking for
durability as you’re purchasing a chair for a baby, who will then become a toddler, which both usually come with a lot of mess. Your fabric choice should be easy to clean and good enough quality to last through these messy years without the need to be reupholstered after a couple of years.

We only offer premium fabrics, all of which are exclusive to iL Tutto. All the fabrics have been tested for wear and tear to ensure it gets you through the messiest years (because oh boy, do they get messy).

So now you have a good idea of what colour and style you’re interested in. As amazing as your nursery is going to be, its inevitable that there is going to be mess,

So, with all this information fresh in your mind, now’s the time to take a look at our wide range of premium products and find the perfect piece to suit your needs!