Mess? No Stress, Nana has you covered!

The one thing in parenthood that you can guarantee is that you’ll be cleaning messes you didn’t know even existed BC (before children). Even when they’re so little and as cute as can be, kids can create a big mess, not only on their changing table but also in places like their Nursery Chair, Bassinet, Cot or even their toddler bed, especially if they’re still a baby after a good, solid feed. When your baby becomes a toddler, there’s probably less reflux accidents, but more creative discoveries, when they aspire to be Pablo Picasso by adding their artistic flare to furniture with scribbles of markers or paint.



In moments of ‘how on earth am I going to clean that?!’ or ‘How do I remove this lingering smell?!’ Who would you call, for us, it’s Nana! AKA Nonna, Yaya, Zu Mu, Grandma, Granny, Nanna, Supernan!



She’s been there and done that and knows all the tricks in the book to remove without staining and remove the smell for good!



Below, Nana is going to demonstrate just how easy it is to clean unwanted stains from your iL Tutto nursing chair. Including removing markers from the chair and newborn vomit – pay extra attention to the magic product, you’ll never believe how powerful it is to remove bad adours from baby furniture

First, the marker accident occurs! But fear not, Nana has it covered! What you’ll need is;



1. A spray bottle



2. Water - 200 ml 



3. Fairy dishwashing liquid - just one teaspoon 



4. Vinegar - 100 ml



Mix all into a spray bottle and voila!



1. Spray the stained area



2. Dab with a wet cloth (as shown in video below)



3.Repeat as needed



4. Wipe the area lightly



5. Let it dry and stain is removed

For accidental baby reflux stains & most importantly, the smell (AKA baby vomit), we've made a homemade reflux mix to demonstrate how to clean and remove the smell from your rocking chair to your CoZee Bassinet;



1.Wipe away the mess



2.First spray the area with the homemade vinegar & fairy cleaning mix



3.Dab wet cloth to stained area



4.But that smell still lingers! Here's the magic part;



5.sprinkle bicarb soda and let it soak up the smell overnight



6.When dry, vacuum the remains away and voila, no stain, NO SMELL.

These tips and tricks will be helpful to help maintain your iL Tutto furniture. So we have said it once, and we will say it again, thanks Nana, you’re a life-saver (again). 



Have any cleaning hacks? Let the iL Tutto community know below.