Is a nursing chair worth it? We asked Bianca from Plan B Sleep Consulting

Is a nursing chair necessary?

I believe that a nursing chair is an essential item for the nursery. When I had my babies I used it every single feed. As they grew bigger I would use it to sit in and read them stories and I often found them sitting in it reading a book as well. 

Are nursing chairs worth it?

They are worth every cent in my opinion. As mentioned above I used mine all the time. I actually had one in each of my boys rooms. They are so universal as your baby grows and a good quality one such as the iL TuTTo nursing chairs will last a lifetime.  


"Excellent glider! Pre-birth the reclining option enabled naps
on my back- so comfy! The glider fabric quality is excellent and passed the test of baby vomit! I first tried this glider out in baby bunting that stock it in grey and knew this would be the ideal glider, particularly noting its high back for head support, ergonomic design and built in reclining so no need to fit a separate footstool like other options when wanting to put your feet up. The design will certainly outlast nursing and be an ongoing piece of furniture in our home, so much so we want to buy another. Highly recommend and assembly was quick and simple"
- Tamara T

What is a nursing chair?

Mainly used as a comfortable chair for you to feed or settle your baby. I suggest using your nursing chair as part of your wind down routine as well as settling your baby day and night. 

Do you need a rocking chair for nursery?

If you can afford it I would highly recommend this to be on your must have list. You will get at least 6 years out of it and can then pass it on or sell it. 



"No matter how much I prepared for breastfeeding and
post-partum. It was still the hardest thing I have ever experienced 😪 But 10 months in and still breastfeeding my little girl on demand 🙌❤️ my @iltutto chair has definitely made the experience comfortable. The amount of time I spend on that chair 😂"
- @marya.ch_

What to look for when purchasing a nursing chair?

Ensure they have big enough arm rests for comfort. The back should be deep enough for you to sink into but not so much that you get a sore back. I love the range of options that iL TuTTo have from the recliner to the glider or rocking chair. For extra support the ottoman is a great add on to rest your feet up or for a little stool when a sibling is helping out. 

For more information on how to choose the right nursery chair for you, you can read our blog "How to choose the right Chair for your Nursery" here