Why your breastfeeding chair is the best nursery investment you'll make

Feeding your baby is a full-time job. One mum in the USA did the maths and estimates that she spent approximately 1,800 hours feeding her baby over the course of a year. That equates to almost 35 hours a week sitting in your breastfeeding chair! 

What this number doesn’t factor is all the time you spend rocking and patting your baby trying to get them to sleep. Or the nights you sleep in your breastfeeding chair because it’s not worth the effort of waking the baby up to go back to your own bed.  

Whether you bottle or breastfeed, your nursery chair becomes a place you spend a significant portion of your days… and nights. If it’s comfortable and designed to support you on your feeding journey, it will make an immeasurable difference to your life as a mum. You’ll quickly discover that it’s the best investment you’ve made in your nursery. 

Breastfeeding posture matters 

Research has found that when mothers have poor breastfeeding posture, it may lead to shoulder, neck, back or hand pain. This is common across so many breastfeeding stories of mothers who don’t have the adequate support or the right feeding equipment. Breastfeeding in the correct position helps to minimise the risk of this pain.   

There are a range of different positions you can adopt while breastfeeding your baby, depending on which is most comfortable for you. You may also use different positions at different stages of your baby’s growth.  

Cradle or cross cradle hold are the most commonly used. Other mothers opt for a straddle to keep their baby upright or the football hold to avoid the baby pressing on their stomach. If you’re experiencing nipple pain, a laid-back hold may help to reduce that pain and encourage a good latch. 

Understanding breastfeeding positions is one thing. Having the right breastfeeding chair to support you to achieve this is another. The right chair makes it so much easier. It’s been designed with feeding and your comfort in mind. On a nursing chair recliner you can achieve the laid-back hold without having to move into another room. You can easily shift between positions because the chair has been designed to accommodate the full spectrum of feeding positions. 

More than feeding 

Breastfeeding chair doesn’t quite capture all the ways you’ll use this versatile piece of furniture. It’s a rocking chair, a story chair, a nursery rhyme time chair and a watching your baby while they drift peacefully off to sleep chair… if you’re lucky! 

Those 1,800 hours of breastfeeding are over in the blink of an eye. The toddler years whiz past at lightning speed. No sooner are you sending your baby off to big school than you’re preparing them for high school and attending their graduation. There has never been a truer saying than, ‘the days are long, but the years are short.’ 

Long after the cot and bassinet are packed away, your breastfeeding chair will remain. From breastfeeding time to story time, the chair can stay with you beyond the baby years. Each time you sit in it to tell a story to your toddler, or have a snuggle with your preschooler, or listen to your teens dramas, you’ll be reminded of those early days. 

A quality nursing chair glider is just as at home in a nursery as it is in a bedroom, playroom or a living room. That nursery investment is a piece of furniture that you can enjoy well beyond the baby years. 

It’s the little details that count 

The best way to demonstrate the value of a breastfeeding chair is to dive into the features. 

One of our most popular breastfeeding chairs is the Chelsea Glider Recliner Chair in Grey Frost. It’s also available in a range of other fabric colours, including Egg Shell, and Coastal Sand. And for those who prefer an electric option, there is the Electric Glider Recliner Chair in Egg Shell & Grey Frost

No matter which Chelsea you choose, you get a breastfeeding chair that’s been designed specifically for your needs.  

It starts with the ergonomic design, including a higher backrest suitable for all heights and armrests positioned to support correct breastfeeding posture. The electric version of Chelsea features a single push button recline. All other Chelsea varieties have a spring-loaded recline. Either way, you’re supported to sit up without using your abdominals, particularly important while you recover after giving birth.  

The 360-degree swivel glider base (180 degrees for the electric version) has a gentle and smooth gliding motion, ideal for rocking your baby to sleep. Our exclusive, premium fabrics are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified, meaning they contain harmful substances or toxic chemicals.  

The result is a supportive breastfeeding chair that can accommodate different feeding positions in supreme comfort, safety and style. 

Discover your new breastfeeding chair 

Chelsea is just one of the many breastfeeding chair options available from iL Tutto. Our award-winning range of Australian designed furniture includes glider chairs, recliner chairs, nursery rocking chairs and electric recliner chairs.  

Explore our complete range and fall in love with your new breastfeeding chair.