Welcome to our newest Trend Collection

Welcome to the new iL Tutto TREND collection! iL Tutto is excited to launch a new range of unique, limited-release Nursery Chair styles that are a little more on the luxe end of our core range of Nursery Chairs, releasing new fabrics and Nursery Chair styles through the years to come. The intention is to release a limited amount each time, keeping designs unique, fresh and modern, ensuring that each style chair can live beyond the nursery and giving our customers more exclusivity in both Australia and the UK.

Frankie Electric Recliner and Glider in Olive,Coconut and Taupe Teddy Fabrics

A New Year, a New Look.

Inspired by beauty, elegance and designed for eternal cuddles, our new limited-release Frankie Electric Recliner & Glider Nursery Chairs in our newest, luxe teddy-bear textured fabric and beautiful timber base will live far beyond the Nursery years with its quality and stylish design. Equipped with a magnitude of new features, we’ve taken all the best parts of our Nursery Chair range and included all into Frankie, along with exciting new features to support you and your family on your feeding & comforting journey.

You’ll want to rest, recharge, and snuggle with your baby all-day-long on its ever-so-soft fabric, its cushioned, pillow-like backrest, all while streaming your favourite shows with endless battery while your devices are charged using Frankie’s USB A and C charging points.

Simply press a button to recline Frankie into your desired recline position or let Frankie’s soothing glide help settle your baby to sleep.

Frankie’s trendy fleece fabric will feel like you’re snuggling into the comfiest teddy bear, all while the limited release Nursery Chair supports your back during long day and night feeds. Adorned with a high backrest to support even the tallest parents so that your neck and head are also supported, and the innovative chair also includes a bolster cushion, made from the same teddy fabric, for lower back or feeding support. We’ve purposely designed this chair to have a wider seat than our other Nursery Chair designs
to give Mum or Dad extra space for extra comfort or to accommodate another little sibling for story time. Also, for this purpose, we’ve included handy slim pockets on each side of the chair for easy reach for storing books and baby essentials.

Available in 3 stylish colours, Olive, Coconut and Taupe, all of which are STANDARD 100 Oeko-Tex certified premium fabrics, exclusive to iL Tutto. Order your free swatch today to see which 3 colours will work in your own interior, but hurry, as these Frankie Teddy’s are a limited release, once sold out in both AU and UK, they’re gone for good (unless you all love them too much, we may reconsider!)

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